FAQs | About MagPlus

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most common questions about MagPlus. If you need further details, we are one phone call away.

  • Is this a new product, I wasn't able to find it anywhere else?

    Yes, MagPlus Wireless detachable Power bank charger and Case is a new product and is currently sold
    exclusively at Vendastores.com. We are in the process of listing on Amazon and eBay, on  other platforms as well.

  • Does the magnet  in the Power Bank affect Wireless charging or Smartphones?

    MagPlus has a Steel Plate inside the Case, and a magnet inside the Battery compartment. When attaching our Power Bank to the Case, the Magnetic side joins evenly to the Steel Plate, this prevents any Magnetic effect from affecting the Wireless Charging or Smart Phone operation. There is no affect on wireless charging & smart phone operation. 
  • What is the charging rate of Magplus?

    When using Magplus and OEM approved adaptors, Magplus can support 10W High-Speed charging.

  • What is the charging Speed for iPhone?

    MagPlus’s Power Bank supports High Speed Charging. The charging speed depends on the running apps on your phone. If the phone is charging at idle, it usually takes 2 - 2.5 hrs to complete charge. If the phone is being used during the charging
    cycle, charging speeds will vary.
  • Is there any chance for power the bank to drop all of sudden?

    There is no possibility to drop except through intentional shaking , rest assured that the high quality magnet along with the steel plate inside of the case have great surface connection making it impossible to detach unexpectedly.
  • Is it possible the wireless charging may stop working?

    is designed and made for perfect wireless charging connectivity by just attaching our Power Bank(Magnet) to Case(Steel Plate) in alignment  to the well designed grooves, there is minimum possibility of abnormal Wireless Charging occurrence

  • What is the Noise in Wireless Charging?

    It is normal to hear weak noise in wireless charging , all wireless Power Bank and Pad has this weak noise. But this noise is very weak,  and ours has very lowest level.

  • Do you have chargers for other smartphones such as Samsung(Android)?

    MagPlus for Android is currently in production. Please register to our news letter to receive notification when new models at available.
  • Do you sell in large quantities and do you accept reseller?

    For our reseller program and large quantities orders, please contact us and one of our representatives will reach out to you within 24hrs.