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Apparel Export Services

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Since June 2021, VENDASTORES helped many clients to find their business needs and support their stores.

Why Clothing from Turkey

Textiles and clothing are among the most important sectors of the Turkish economy and foreign trade, representing 16% of the country’s total export volume in 2021. Turkish clothing is considered the 6th largest supplier in the world, and the 3rd largest supplier of the EU.

Our Services

Our team members speaks English, German, Arabic and Turkish fluently, and can communicate in Russian and French. Our team will help you find all the options from the various wholesale markets and factories in Istanbul and other cities like Ghazi Anteb as if you are here. Whether family apparels, bride dresses, shoes, handbags or accessories, we can help you find your needs at the best prices possible. We will:

  • Perform site visits to wholesale markets and factories to find latest trends and best quality items.
  • Share videos, images and REAL feeling of the product quality.
  • negotiate prices with the source on your behalf and ensure order delivery either a CIF or FOB transaction.
  • Ensure complete transparency and integrity in all our transactions.

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